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FIAT cars provide lots of value to their owners, especially if they're looking for a hybrid vehicle. At FIAT of Glendale, we carry a number of green cars in a variety of styles. They're not only efficient, but they also look stylish. A strong suit of our new FIAT cars is customizability, and they come in a variety of body styles. Our Glendale FIAT dealership realizes that in addition to enjoying car ownership, there are important environmental consequences to consider. We're proud to carry fuel-efficient, electric cars in order to lessen the impact of carbon dioxide emissions on nature.

What are some benefits of hybrid cars? The most obvious advantage is cost over time. In the long run, a green car turns out to be a money-saver. Regular cars end up inefficiently using energy in certain situations like when idling, and that's no problem with a hybrid. Other than greatly reduced air emissions, hybrids tend to be heavier than their counterparts - but many of our FIAT cars are compact and lightweight, so this isn't an issue. Additionally, in certain areas, there are some federal government tax credit programs specifically for hybrid cars. Those are just some examples of the beneficial aspects of owning a FIAT green car.

Our 2016 FIAT 500e is a spectacular choice for those who want an efficient, environment-friendly car. It stands out among other hybrids as it holds a distinction; it's a California Clear Air Vehicle. No need to worry about its impact on trees and air since it has zero emissions. It runs entirely on an electric battery equipped with a standard 6.6 kW charger, which brings it back to full in just around four hours. As a smaller car, it's a great choice for city excursions. It combines the advantages of a hybrid vehicle with easy driving and parking for a unique type of driving ease.

Furthermore, this FIAT car is incredibly quiet - its performance is so smooth and it's engineered to emit a warning sound at low speeds to pedestrians. As for other safety features, it comes with front seat side airbags, side curtain airbags, and a driver knee airbag. Rear parking sensors make stopping a breeze, especially given the car's small size. On the inside, powered by the FIAT 500e's electric battery, are infotainment features like Uconnect system with necessary jacks. The interior is furnished with leatherette upholstery and heated front seats. Driving a hybrid car doesn't necessarily mean sacrificing comfort, safety, or technological features.

Green cars are a worthy investment for several reasons. In the long run, they turn out to be worth it, and charging at home can be more convenient than going to gas stations. Lessening the burden on the environment with an eco-friendly car is priceless. Among our new and used FIAT cars at FIAT of Glendale, the 2016 FIAT 500e stands out as a great choice to tackle busy city driving and to contribute to a greener future. Learn more about environmentally friendly vehicles at our FIAT dealership serving Los Angeles.

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