Should I Buy or Lease?

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When you’re considering what car you’re going to buy when you shop in Los Angeles, you will probably be asking “should I buy or lease?” Buying and leasing are two very different options that each provide their own advantages and disadvantages, but no matter which you pick, you can count on FIAT of Glendale to give you the best car you can get for your money no matter what kind of car you drive. We’ve also got some great offers and service specials that will help you out no matter if you are just looking for a car or already have one.

Why Should I Buy?

In the leasing vs. buying battle, many people opt for buying their car in Pasadena. Why do people do this? Here’s a few reasons why:

  • Total ownership: After you make the final payment on your car, the car is fully yours with no caveats.
  • Less costly over time: Even though you’re likely to spend more upfront, owning your vehicle makes for less overall cost over the life of your car. The longer you own your vehicle, the more affordable your car becomes.
  • No restrictions on mileage: If you want to drive your car as much as you want with no limit, you’ll find that buying your car gives you no mileage restrictions.
  • Customization: If you want to make your vehicle truly unique, you can modify the car as you see fit over the course of your Burbank drives.
  • Ability to sell: Since you don’t have a lease agreement to worry about, you’re able to sell your car anytime you want.

Why Should I Lease?

There are also several advantages to leasing when you choose between leasing vs. buying for your Burbank drive. Here’s just a couple of the reasons leasing might be more attractive:

  • Trade-ins: When you go from a leased vehicle to the next leased vehicle, you just have to bring your current vehicle to FIAT of Glendale, take care of the remaining fees, and select a vehicle of your choice. You won’t have to worry about the process of selling the car.
  • Less sales tax: In the majority of states, when you lease a vehicle, you’re greatly lowering your sales tax on the amount you put forth in the down payment and monthly payments.
  • Lower payments overall: A big reason drivers choose to lease is that their monthly payment and down payment are lower.
  • Great coverage: Presuming you don’t exceed your mileage limits, a lot of the maintenance on your vehicle will be covered by warranty for the duration of your lease.
  • High approval rate: Getting yourself into a leased car is easier than getting approved for financing.
  • More options: If you are drawn to the idea of driving a newer car, leasing is a great way to keep yourself in a newer car quicker.

Buy or Lease, FIAT of Glendale Is Your People

When you are on the hunt for that next car, you can count on FIAT of Glendale to help you through the process with a minimal amount of hassle. We just gave you the answer to “should I buy or lease?” and now, we want to help you find your next car through our convenient online shopping tool for new and used cars. If it’s time for that next step, just contact us.

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